[family: Steve, Nicole & kiddies.]

I have known Steve for a very, very long time.

He used to take piano lessons from my mom, and while his younger brother was getting his share of piano education, Steve and I would play video games.  Colico Vision.  Ladybug.  Yes ... I think I shall post a link HERE to explain just what that was ... See? A LONG time ago ... 

His family moved back east and there he met Nicole ... the two were married over a decade ago and hadn't had photos done since their wedding day.


So they were feeling a little out of practice ... but Nicole wasn't afraid :-) ... she's SUCH a hoot ... 

They have two daughters.  Ashley is the oldest, blond and lovely.  She had been practicing her smile prior to our session - and it was like a permanent fixture on her face *grin*.  I

And Cierra was the opposite.  It took a lot more coaxing to get a smile out of her.  But oh my goodness, she's a cutie.

And the two of these princesses together?

The four of them together ... and their little dog too, of course - makes one perfect family.   And this is a family who cares about others, who are just genuinely NICE people.  In my own life, these two have shown up at our home - after my husband had leg surgery - with treats for our kids, little gifts - thoughtful gifts - for my hubby and I including meals that we could rely on for that week ... It was during a really difficult time for my own little family - and Steve and Nicole came to our rescue when we really needed it.

They are a truly wonderful family.

Steve and Nicole, it was an absolute pleasure hanging with you and your family ... thanks so much for letting me capture you with my lens.  I hope you all have such a fantastic summer ...

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