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My RH blog isn't really about me ... it's all about the people I meet, and the images that they allow me to capture for them ... but today I find myself in a bit of a "sharing" mood and thought this would be the best place to put those thoughts down.

This photography ride has been like none other.  I can't explain how I feel about finding this fit for me.  I love every aspect of it ... ok - well, maybe there are a few stressful moments here and there *grin* - but mostly, it's perfection for me.

And all I want to do is get better.

I spend hours each week - reading, asking, listening.  I study other people's fantastic work and get inspired by what they do.  I spend so much time researching new equipment and budgeting for the next investment.  I am competitive with myself ... wanting to only bring the very best that I can to my clients and produce unmatchable images for them to cherish for a lifetime.

Last night I spent the evening editing wedding pics, choosing images from a newborn shoot, sorting through the yesterday's 70th Birthday event and just when I couldn't keep my eyes open - I continued the non-ending endeavour of reading about various camera bodies, lenses, carry cases .., even checking out new website templates and graphics.

I cannot get enough.

So - this is my continued promise to my RH clients:  my passion for capturing moments is only increasing.  The joy I get from meeting fantastic people, isn't going anywhere.  So thank YOU.  

Because without YOU, um.  Well.  There would be no RH.

Hmmm ... I feel a contest/coupon coming on ....

Stay tuned!

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