[newborn: Baby Bryson Pt 2]

This was NOT the week to get the stomach flu ... well, who are we kidding.  When is it EVER time to get the stomach flu??  I guess the only good thing is that I've been trapped in my room - along with my laptop - and in between naps and sips of gatorade, I've been finishing up some editing of last week's shoots.

This was a "last minute" photoshoot.  I'm pretty much booked up until the end of August, but when K contacted me, I knew that we didn't have a lot of time.  Wee ones are only "wee" for so long ... and this little guy was already 4 weeks old ... so off to another shoot I went.  Gladly!

So, here again is little Bryson ...

It's always so amazing how much love you can have for a new little one ... how much they become apart of the family so quickly ... but seriously - how could you NOT love this face?  I could just eat 'em up!

And it wouldn't be a newborn photo session without some type of proppy-portrait-stuff, no?

And it's important not to leave out Bryson's big brother *grin* ... isn't he just the cutest??

And the family that is now "four" ... so blessed, so highly favoured.

Thanks, J&K, for letting me capture these special moments for you!

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