[family: Josh & Melissa]

Oh oh oh .... a family photoshoot.  Well - one large family shoot, with a few mini shoots in as well ...

The entire "P" family came out.  The "grandparents", their kids ... and their kids.  It made my head spin, and my blood pump.  Getting all the pics needed, with the clock ticking ... some family members had other places to be, so I worked as fast as I could.  This was a great group - and I was so excited to get things rolling!

So - I combined a whole bunch of shoots into one "one and half hour" shoot.  Each family had their priority with what they wanted ... but being a "mini" shoot meant getting the image, without a lot of moving around.  Well - that depended on how many kids were in the shoot *grin* ...

The first little fam in this series is Josh, Melissa and new little Benjamin.  Oh, SERIOUSLY.  He is just the yummiest newborn ... almost slipped him into my camera bag to take him home - and he probably would've fit *grin*.  And this couple - so so lovely.  Melissa and her mega watt smile, and Josh with his obvious love for her and his new little guy ...

Oh. I love this job!

And even with all the organized chaos ... the little one slept.

Sheer perfection, this little family is.

But there is much more to see ... Josh's brother and sister have their own families, their own stories, their own pics.

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