[family: Carlie & Emma Pt 2]

Here's a story.  Of a lovely lady.  Who was bringing up a very lovely girl.

La la la la laaaa *grin*.

I was thrilled when Carlie contacted me about taking some special photos of her and her daughter.  She claimed to only have a handful of photos of the two of them together, and thought now was as good as any time to make sure that more were taken. 

We headed up to the Fort, and it was eeeeeempty.  Lucky us!  It was like having our own personal outdoor studio.  The sun was shining, and we were ready to go.

It didn't take long for me to realize that Emma had a little friend she had brought along ... Sassy.  Sassy the Horse.  And Sassy tried to make her way into every single photo ... I tried to get a couple without Sassy in it ... and without any tears from Miss. Emma.  Not as easy as one would think ...

Isn't she lovely?

And you can see where she get's it from!

This twosome were so sweet together.  The way they would chat together, laugh together ... you could see how much they loved each other with each glance.

And what better than a bunch of full-on coloured balloons to make a six year old full of smiles? * Thanks Silvia, from http://www.partyonstore.com/ in Langley - she's the BEST! *

We had a great time during this shoot ...

Miss. Emma was so great to work with - which means, Carlie, you are doing a fanTAStic job!!  Thanks again for allowing me to capture these special moments!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot. Love the beauty, the location, and most of all the intimacy captured between them.

  2. Tawn,

    WOW! Such a beautiful family and such beeeaauttiful pictures! Love it!

  3. Thanks Tania for everything! I love them! They are beautiful! I am thrilled with how the shots turned out! You are very talented and now the only problem is finding the perfect location in the house to showcase your wonderful talent! Thanks for helping me capture these precious memories with Emma and our horse friend Sassy!