[portraits: Melody Davis ... Photography.]

Ok ... I've been on a bit of a hiatus - but I assure you it was all for very good reasons.  One, of which, has been me filling up my 2012 season with wedding bookings.  Meeting with new brides is one of my favourite parts of my job - so I'm pretty crazy-excited about being booked now from March through October already ... thank you!!

The other, has been sorting and processing a bazillion pics of my friend, Melody of Melody Davis Photography.  Her and I were in Vegas just over a week and a bit ago.  And on day three of our time away, we went out with our cameras and took advantage of the amazing sun ...

The session was FULL of laughing, a bit of random singing ... and most importantly - time. 

It was amazing to continue to fine-tune my "directional" skills ... and let me tell you, it's always more nerve-wracking directing a professional than a client.  Being able to articulate my vision to a client is imperative to capturing the shot.  And my shoot with Mel was no different.  I had a few ideas for what I wanted to get for her - and Mel completely submitted to whatever I wanted ... it made the whole experience smooth and for me, full of creativity.

I had a few ideas about movement ... images that show movement tend to make me stop, to take a moment to breathe it in ... 

I rarely do "one on one" portraits ... usually there's an entire bridal party behind me, or a parent running after a wayward toddler.  So this was a bit special - having nothing but the pace we wanted and the incredible afternoon light ...

... and some more movement.

Mel had modeled while she was overseas, back before she married Eric (have you heard of The Left?  NO?  Click HERE to hear her man kill it on the drums ... ).  Yes, she's a rockstar's wife, a mother, a sister, a friend ... and she couldn't take a bad photo if she tried.

So ... yeah.  Now during all of this, we were swapping roles, back and forth - she was busy snapping pics of me too.  And it was NERVE-wracking.  I actually feel a bit sorry for her ... because I am NOT comfortable in front of the camera, as she clearly is.  It's hard to make "body shapes" as I don't have long limbs (quite the opposite) and ... yeah.  I really just don't like my photo being taken *grin*.  So the images that were taken of me will not be as "easy" as mine were of her ... sorry Mel *grin*!!

Anyway, I'm still super excited to see what sort of genius she came up with *smile*.  She's an image-artist and I've never seen an image she's taken that hasn't inspired and drawn me in ... 

Ok ... that's it for now *grin*.  Back to working on my NEW site - coming April 1, 2012!

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  1. I can't choose a favorite! I love them all!

    Fantastic photos and a fabulous model!



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