[family: Chris, Robyn & Kiddies.]

After seeing my work on Facebook, I got an email from Robyn.  Her little guy was already 2months old and she reallllly wanted to get some family pics done before he got too big.

Say no more *grin*.

I headed out to Abbotsford and met this lovely family ... Chris, Robyn, Eleanor and little Sam.   They were great, right from the get go ... super easy going and giving me a few warnings about their uncertainties of their two-year-old.


I have a two-year-old.  There's nothing to explain.

So ... meet mama and son.  A little man ... who looks ex-ACT-ly like his dad.

But it wasn't long into our shoot when Sam got hungry ... and then, in true boy-fashion, decided to let it all loose and needed a good change *grin*.  Family shoots can be so unpredictable, but that's the fun in it.

So ... while Sam was getting taken care of - I turned my attention to little Miss Eleanor.  A true two-year-old.  

And with those stunning eyes, she can melt your heart.

But even little girls have their limit ... and it didn't take long for her to have had enough ... about 10 minutes in *grin*.  

But Chris knew how to get those smiles back.

And then, Sam was ready and satisfied *smile*.  A new outfit and he was all ready to go ... and see?  Doesn't he look like his daddy? 

With Eleanor still opting out of the photos, we got Robyn to join the boys ...

But Eleanor soon realized she was missing out ... no two-year-old likes to miss out *grin*.  She had a book ... and then she didn't.  She liked to change her mind ... she's definitely all woman!! *grin*

By this point, Chris and Robyn had resounded to the fact that their kids juuuuust might not put on the winning smile for them ... and they were so cool about that.  I mean, what do you do?  You get some super-fun-real-life pics, is what you do.

... ok.  There was a liiiittle bit of bribing going on.  "If you smile, you can have a chocolate," Chris said.  "A choc-late?" Eleanor asked.  "Yes," Chris replied.  "One chocolate."

So ... this was Eleanor's attempt ... a little "blue steel" *grin*.  And then - that's when Sam had had enough.

And Chris and Robyn?  They just enjoyed it ... no frustration, no yelling ... such great parents.  Such great people.

Then we headed outside, but it was super cold - so the plan was just to get one or two shots.

And then ... Eleanor was done.  *grin*.  Oh, seriously ... I LOVE two year olds.  So much personality, so much so much so much!

Chris, Robyn ... it was so great meeting you and your beautiful family.  Your easy-going attitude made the shoot a true pleasure, and the 170+ pics show just how much fun it was *grin*.  Thank you for choosing RedHanded Photography ... hope to see you soon!

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  1. See? Candies are the best! Those were fantastic and I'm sure they love them.

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