[Family: Jesse, Alida & Kiddies ... ]

We had already canceled once due to rain, and Alida was pretty much on her knees - making sure that the sun shone for us.  And shone it did.

We met at 1001 Steps ... a good workout, with or without camera equipment *grin*.

Jesse and Alida have been married for a decade - but you sure couldn't tell by this shoot.  They certainly didn't look like a "long-time-married-couple".  I actually felt like there were moments when I was shooting an engagement session *grin*.  Well.  Except for the children's giggles and the pattering of running feet behind me ...


... their little angel was four.  Such a sweet age, such a sweet little girl.  Her big brown eyes and her sun-streaked hair ... and that shy little smile.  So beautiful.

And their little guy, isn't so little anymore.  Six is a big age ... school, new friends, more independence ... It's easy to see that he has strong character.


There really isn't anything more special than a daddy and his little girl.  He is her hero, she is his princess ...


And a mommy and her son ... that's pretty crazy-special too.  I mean - obviously mom and daughter, father and son ... they're pretty important too *grin*.  But mother and son ... he will try and find a woman who is as perfect-in-his-eyes as her one day ... 

I simply LOVE family candids.  These are the kinds of photos that make me smile when I see them for the first time ... I love watching families interact with each other.  The love is obvious - the fun is pretty obvious too ... *wink*.

To be honest - this whole shoot could've gone on forever.  The kids were so well-behaved, and everyone was so photogenic.  The weather was perfect, the setting even more-so ... Alida - it all worked out, didn't it *grin*!!

Jesse, Alida ... thank you so much for letting me be the one who captured your special family.  You are all stunning, inside and out ... 

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