[kiddies: Natalia's 9 Months ... ]

This is not little Natalia's first photo shoot *grin*.  Her mom has made sure that Natalia gets her pics taken every three months ... and I am just FINE with that *grin*.  It has been so lovely watching this little girl grow in her first year.

And she's a pro now.

Like all the other photoshoots done with her, we started on the family couch.  And little Natalia just sat there.  Like I said ... a total pro.

Natalia is the bearer of a great miracle.  At her last photoshoot, Nicole - her mom - was telling me that they were unsure of Natalia's hearing levels.  Her testing results were consistently low.  It was very, very serious - and even talk of a cochlear implant was discussed.  Natalia wouldn't respond to her name, to any sounds ...  

And then - almost out of no where - this little girl responded.  When they retested her, the doctors were dumbfounded.  Her results had completely changed ... she could hear.  And the joy that this news brought, as you can imagine, was incredible.

We then headed outside.  Jeff and Nicole may be moving soon - but this will always be Natalia's first home.  I thought it would be fitting to at least have a few images so it would be remembered *smile* ... 

Natalia is a vibrant little girl ... and like most 9 month olds, she has a definite persuasion to stuffing foreign things in her mouth *grin*.  No problem ... give her a leaf, and let me snap away.


Then Nicole was, like, "Um - I have these wings and a tutu."  PERFECT!  Although Natalia wasn't a massive fan of the new addition to her little back .. 

She fiddled and whimpered ...

And then full-on let us know she was NOT happy.  But I think unhappy photos are actually pretty darn cute ... 

And then?  She snapped out of it.  What a typical girl *laughing* ...

Jeff, Nicole ... I celebrate with you the true miracle of your little girl.  God's favour is surely on her little life, and as she grows up it will be such a blessing to see how it all unfolds.

Thank you, again, for letting me be a part of your growing family's pics ... can't wait for December *grin*!

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