[family: Ron, Lisa & Family.]

One of my most FAVE shoots ever, was of Ron and Lisa a couple of years ago.  It was blogged - but deleted when I changed over to this blog ... ah well.  Take my word for it ... it was a great shoot.  They're such fantastic people, life-long friends ... pretty much "family".

And we were right back where we did the last shoot ... Keats Island.  And this was kinda a strange shoot ... not really even a SHOOT.  More of a "hey - we're hanging together for the weekend, I have my camera, you'd like some pics ... let's make it happen" kind of a shoot.  It was done in about 15 minutes as my own family played on the beach ...

I love these kids.

Ron is my brother.  Well ... he should be.  But he isn't.  His fam and mine were tight, and he and I grew up together.  He was the MC at my wedding ... and LIsa?  I went to highschool with her and when Ron fell in love with her, her and I became fast friends.  We were in each other's bridal parties ... a real great friendship.

And Lisa is a designer.  A high-end designer ... you can check out her website HERE called "Grapevine Designs".  And the site was designed by my other great friend, Nicole - remember her?  ... her site is HERE.  Thought I'd throw in a little plug there *grin*.  

ANYway ... she needed a few pics for her site and FB page ... and I was more than happy to oblige *smile*.

A simple shoot ... with lovely people.

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  1. Well done ~ Love the very last photo of Lisa, she's a beauty!