[engagement: Garrett & Kara.]

Garrett has only ever had eyes for her.  And the feeling is quite mutual from Kara.

Young love can turn out not-so-great, but not this time.  Young love was the perfect love, the perfect match, the perfect fit for these two.  They found each other when they were barely teenagers, and they weren't interested in all at "trying their hand at dating" with anyone else.

They were in love.

They've been together for close to five years, and Garrett just knew it was "time".  He made a path of candles ... that she didn't even notice *grin* ... popped the question and of course, she said "yes".

Honestly - these two just breathed each other.  Kara with her bubbly personality and  the most infectious laugh ... and he would just smile and watch her.  Totally smitten.

As I was taking the photos, I kept putting the camera down and said, "... I can't WAIT to blog about this!!"  and they'd laugh.  I was so loving every moment ... partly because they were just the sweetest couple ... partly because I was falling in love with the images I was capturing of them ... 

They're young - yes - and so committed to each other.  Some people just have all the luck.  Finding your soulmate when you're 14 is like winning the lottery ... no heartache, no drama.  And I hope I'm around to take pics of their 50th Wedding anniversary with their 4 married kids and 16 grandkids ... *grin*.

Hanging out with these two made the time fly.  And if you've ever had a photoshoot with me - you know that every nook and cranny becomes a new place for a pic to be taken.  And at some point, Garrett mentioned his car ... a car that he had waited for, searched for.  Awe man ... what guy doesn't want a pic of his car and his girl together??  *grin*.

Well.  We made that happen *grin*. 

Garrett, Kara ... wow.  You two are so lovely, so perfect for each other.  I cannot WAIT to celebrate with you on your wedding day ... thank you so much, for letting me be apart of such an important milestone in your lives ... it's gonna be GREAT! *grin*

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  1. Beautiful images of this young couple. Seriously, some of your best yet Tawny! The one that you chose to put on your Homemaking Girl blog...sigh...my romantic bone has been fulfilled today. Carry on - Janean xo

  2. So sweet and what a blessing to have found your true love--wishing them DECADES of love together!! :0) The pictures are beautiful.