[engagement: Lee & Jenna Part One]

I love a couple who's willing to try, well, pretty much anything.  For a photographer, that means the time spent in coming up with new concepts, is time well spent (yay yay yay!) - and Lee and Jenna were up for the challenge.  We spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon walking, talking, watching, taking pics ... so so lovely.

These two were so gracious ... even in Jenna's a-MAZ-ing stiletto black boots (which I was was personally coveting), she was climbing fences, venturing into muddy pastures and leaping off of parked trains.  Of course they were parked.  But I betcha she would've gladly jumped from a moving one to get a cool shot *wink*.  See?  THAT great.

I loved how they interacted with each other ... Lee was a perfect gentleman, and she was so kind to him.  They were calm and easy going ... polite and considerate.  My favourite moment?  When Lee asked her if she wanted a "peppermint break".  I was, like, "huh??" - to which he told me how Jenna sometimes forgets to eat and when she's feeling a bit "off", he now asks if she wants a "peppermint break".  Completely foreign to me - as I love to eat *grin* - but super cute, none-the-less.

I'm going to have to share these pics over a couple of posts ... yup.  Too many pics to share.  And, see, this is a great way for my clients to show their friends and family all the pics - so Jenna & Lee - this one's for you.  Oh.  And the next one too *grin* ... So come back soon - there's more to come.

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