[newborn: Baby Katia]

I think every photographer tries their new ideas out on their children. I mean, they're free models - right? (Well, maybe not ... food, rent ... ha!!) ...

Well - I get the "photo-itch" between my own client's photoshoots and start to prowl onto my own kids. My newborn doesn't need to pay rent *smile*, but she's a pretty great free model.

These photos are a part of her "2 Month Old" Collection.

Hopefully the rain will stop in my city - so I can go ahead with a few scheduled family shoots ... not that I mind documenting my own life *smile* ... She's a cutie, no?
I've been in the process of increasing my "newborn props". I just wish I would've done this a few months ago, as my wee-one isn't so wee anymore!!
If you're interested in maternity/newborn shoots - I'm in the process of putting a couple of packages together. They will be on my official photography site soon. I'll be sure to let you know - but to "save the date", please fill in the contact information on my official site to ensure my availability.


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  2. These are stunning! You have a great eye Tania.